Operiamo con successo e professionalità nel settore delle attrezzature e dei macchinari per il cablaggio elettrico, realizzando un’ampia gamma di prodotti e fornendo servizi di assistenza tecnica.
Macchine e attrezzature per la lavorazione del cablaggio elettrico
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KM Savotec, machines and equipment for electrical wiring processing

We operate successfully and professionally in the field of equipment and machinery for electrical wiring, creating a wide range of products and providing technical assistance services, repairs, maintenance, overhauls on machinery and equipment for electrical wiring, directly at the customer or inside our factory.


In the catalog, a wide selection of equipment and machinery for electrical wiring processing.


Stay up to date by following KM SAVOTEC in our initiatives and participation in fairs and exhibitions.


Most of the products in the catalog are designed and manufactured within KM Savotec.

Experience and professionality

KM Savotec Srl operates in the sector of equipment and machinery for electrical wiring.

We are ready to offer our experience and professionalism together with our products:

Electronic stripper cutter
Bench cutting machines
Cable collector

as well as bench seamers, quality control systems, small-sized machines for copper recovery and many other items in order to best meet your requests.

Wide range of products

In the catalog, a wide selection of equipment and machinery for electrical wiring processing.

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The news from the KM Savotec world

Here you will find all the news relating to the KM Savotec world, about our products and our initiatives.

  • All the companies of the KM Holding group have an experience, of at least 25 years in their respective sectors. An investment strategy aimed at growth, along with a constant c

  • The linear cable collector of the LC Series series is used for the collection of cables coming from cable stripping machines. The cable collector can operate autonomously or w

  • The FA800-FAC800 HORIZONTAL machine is an unwinder / unwinder reel, it is an ITALIAN product designed and produced entirely (mechanical, electrical and software) within SAVOTE

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