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Crimp quality monitoring system

The crimping quality assurance system CMT100 has been designed to be mounted on crimping presses to check the crimping qualità of crimped terminals.

The system is made up of basic electronics an encoder or proximity, and a loading cell placed in the base plate of the crimping press.A setup preliminary stage allows for the saving of sample curves corresponding to samples of crimped cables on which parameters corresponding to the required crimping quality have been verified.After the setup preliminary stage has been carried out , the instrument controls the quality of all cable processed during crimping and if any deviation from the preset value is detected , an alarm goes off and the crimper may halt operation.

On a graphic display are visualized the curves, all statistics data and the parameters required for the process (Tollerance, drift, cutoff,…). CMT100 comes as an easy to install kit , complete with the correct accessories for the type of crimper press where the system will have to be mounted on.


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