KW500 manual cable collector, version with pedal control
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KW500 manual cable collector, version with pedal control

<strong>KW500 manual cable collector, version with pedal control to create bundles of already broken cables.</strong>

The KW500-MANUAL cable collector is used for the creation of cable skeins, it is a semi-automatic machine that requires the presence of the operator. The operator manually inserts the cable inside the pegs and pressing the pedal activates the rotation of the pegs.

There are two types of functions: MANUAL and SEMIAUTOMATIC (with setting of the rotation time of the pins).

The coil is created by winding the cable on the pegs themselves, which can be adjusted from a minimum internal diameter of 120 mm to a maximum of 300 mm, the speed and motor torque for the winding is adjustable via two manual potentiometers.

Pedal control, machine equipped with CE safety protection, the ascent and descent of the rungs is pneumatic.

The user interface provided by the touch screen display via an easy and intuitive interface allows the setting of all data for machine management, also including machine diagnostics page, language selection page, etc …