Optional kit for internal stripping of multipolar cables
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Optional kit for internal stripping of multipolar cables

Optional kit for internal stripping of multipolar cables to be applied to the SSC4000 machine

The SSC4000 fully electronic cable stripping machine is an ITALIAN product designed and manufactured entirely (mechanical, electrical and software) within SAVOTEC, and is a CE certified product.

The SSC4000 is controlled by powerful motors for both cutting and stripping, which is performed by two 120 mm long drive belts, with parallel opening to allow correct centering of the cable with blades and wire guide.

The machine can process cables from 0.50 mm2 to 50mm2 with a maximum cable passage of 15 mm of external diameter, the machine can process single and multi-core cables, PVC, Neoprene, Silicone, etc.

The SSC4000 is managed by a PC with Windows, and a touch-screen for insertion of all the operating parameters of the machine, with the possibility of storing the parameters in different programs, thanks to the very intuitive, fast and extremely easy-to-use software.

Extremely compact and simple to operate, it guarantees precise cuts and high productions. The machine is supplied complete with safety guards, accident prevention safety devices. Also complete with cable presence sensor.