Unwinder FA800-Horizontal
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Unwinder FA800-Horizontal

The FA800-FAC800 HORIZONTAL machine is an unwinder / unwinder reel, it is an ITALIAN product designed and produced entirely (mechanical, electrical and software) within SAVOTEC, and is a complete product with CE certification.

Suitable for unwinding of cable reels, maximum external diameter of the workable cable 13 mm, cable reels from 400 mm to 850 mm in external diameter.

Reel loading is quick and easy, thanks to a system with two arms for gripping and lifting the reel, both movements are motorized for easy and fast reel loading.

The unwinder is complete with horizontal compensator, with 4 fixed right pulleys and 4 mobile pulleys mounted on the slide system complete with pneumatic cylinder to adjust the coil tension.

The FA800 unwinder has a system for detecting the position of the slide pulleys for varying the speed of the reel rotation (also motorized), so the operator no longer has to adjust the speed of the unwinder when the reel begins to empty.